Basketball IQ provides detailed training for dedicated and competitive boys and girls ranging from 4th grade through the professional ranks.

If you only KNEW

who you could be as a player

what every inch of court space can be used for

when to pass, drive, or shoot

where to best create offense for your team

why you miss certain shots and how to fix it

then you could play with a confidence you’ve never felt before.


Basketball IQ provides detailed training for dedicated and competitive boys and girls ranging from 4th grade through the professional ranks.



Training formats are designed for maximum efficiency, which saves the client time and money.


Player avoids training in a “one approach fits all” format. Skills and drills are ideally suited to a player’s physical ability and team circumstance.


Player and family are frequently updated on training methods and goals through video footage and progress reports.


Player learns who they are, what makes a skill work, when and where to perform that skill.

Your Instructor

Kevin Kenney Portrait

Kevin Kenney

Kevin Kenney grew up playing on the competitive club circuit of Southern California for ARC and the LA Rockfish and has now been teaching players the game for over 25 years. He is currently the Director of Player Development for Westlake HS Girls Basketball, the 2021 Marmonte League and CIF DII State Champions. In 2022 he took over the JV team mid-season, leading them to an undefeated Marmonte League championship while winning Ventura County Coach of the Year in that division.

After attending Pepperdine University where he studied Concepts of Coaching under NCAA Champion and Olympic Volleyball Coach Marv Dunphy, Kevin coached boys basketball at Notre Dame HS in Sherman Oaks, his alma mater. He helped guide teams to Mission League titles at both the freshmen and Varsity levels, and advanced to the CIF Semi-finals twice, making the state tournament in 2001. As a track and field coach, his athletes won multiple Mission League titles, a CIF SS title, and set school records in the girl's long jump and the boy's triple jump. His track experience helped Kevin start to develop his approach to personal development for a team sport.

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Precision Program

What is a Precision Program?

Precision programs provide scheduling and content that allow a player to narrow their focus and train toward specific, tangible results on a timeline. Players learn consistency, goal setting, and an approach to mastery in addition to the chosen skill itself.


  • 5 weeks, 4 supervised videotaped sessions, 1 scripted unsupervised session

  • Sessions last 45 minutes and feature skill specific reinforcement

  • Player receives workout content prior to each session and is more prepared

  • Player receives video feedback from each session and is more prepared

  • Player’s productivity in skill specific drills is tracked over 5 week period


  • Dominate and Elevate (emphasis on driving to the basket and finishing)

  • Streamline Shooting (emphasis on form and mental approach)

  • B2B handles (ball handling skill and strategic comprehension)

  • Efficient Isolations (1 v 1 scoring skills for 5 v 5 teamwork)

Pricing/ Packages

Single Player

First Session/ Evaluation

  • 45 minute evaluation
  • Interview
  • Player assessment

Independent Session

  • Advanced copy of workout
  • 45 minute training session
  • Video feedback

Precision Program

  • Five weeks
  • 4 supervised training sessions
  • Video progress reports

Game Scout

  • Attendance at game
  • Highlight clips and notes

2-3 Players

First Session/ Evaluation

  • 45 minute evaluation
  • Interview
  • Player assessment

Independent Session

  • Advanced copy of workout
  • 45 minute training session
  • Video feedback

Precision Program

  • Five weeks
  • 4 supervised training sessions
  • Video progress reports

Clinics (4+ Players) - Available upon request

**All training sessions and game scouts take place at Sunset Hills park or an agreed upon location within 10 miles of Conejo Valley. Remote locations will result in a travel fee of $20 per hour of travel.


Jed Miller Basketball Card Image

Jed Miller

Agoura HS Class of 2021

Jed averaged 21.4 points, 6.3 rebounds, 4.3 assists and 3.7 steals per game during his senior season. That year he also shot 43% from the field and 86% from the free throw line. He was named All-Ventura County Boys Basketball MVP, was a D2 all-state first team selection and was named the Ventura County Star's Boys Basketball Player of the Year.

Jed is now playing at Montana State, where his coach Danny Sprinkle had this to say:

"He is a gym rat with a great basketball IQ. He sees the game slower than most guards."

Here is what Jed had to say about his learning experience: "Coach Kevin's attention to detail is second to none. Not only did he add a variety of moves to my skill set, but he explained the scenarios in which I would be using them. A lot of trainers rush through teaching or put players through long drills that take up time, but Coach Kevin is focused with each and every player. I never really understood the mental aspect of basketball until I started training with him. We would sometimes sit down and evaluate what we worked on, which really helped me get to where I am and become a smarter player.  If you want to play at a high level, you must have a good basketball IQ. He shared his love and vision of the game with me, and that is something I will forever be thankful for."

Alyssa Jackson playing defense

Alyssa Jackson

Westlake HS Class of 2023

In the last two years, Alyssa has been named All Ventura County, All Marmonte League (twice), and team captain while winning both a CIF and Marmonte League Championship. She is a member of the prestigious 805 Family Basketball Club coached by George Albanez and is receiving interest from multiple universities. 

Alyssa: "When I first met Coach Kevin prior to my sophomore season, I only felt comfortable as a defender and perimeter shooter. In the two years I've worked with him, I have become a strong point guard for Westlake HS, a reliable finisher, and a more disciplined shooter. I've also discovered a new approach to the game through a meditation practice he taught me. Training with Coach Kevin has always been very specific to my personal development and needs, and I have found that things he reviews with me the day before a game often work out just the way we planned.

Coach Kevin has helped me understand how to approach this intense, pressure filled world of competitive basketball with composure and confidence."

basketball player

Maya Urteaga

13u/7th grade

"Our middle-school daughter Maya has been working with Coach Kevin over the past 3 years and their training sessions are fast-paced and purposeful. In addition to instilling fundamentals, he tailors her workouts by soliciting her input on areas she knows she needs to improve in.  She is treated as a partner in her development, and we respect that. He encourages her to be creative in imagining game scenarios during training and we see it translate to her game play.  Coach Kevin cares about the success of his players both on and off the court and we are grateful for his hand in Maya’s continued success."
-Miguel and Ruby Urteaga

Agoura Basketball Team

Agoura HS Boys Basketball

2021 Marmonte League Champions

The Chargers won their first league title in 25 years with a starting lineup of seniors that all trained together under Coach Kevin throughout elementary and middle school.

Jon Spayne, First Team All Marmonte League and Second Team All Ventura County:

"It's no secret that our team's chemistry was unmatched in Marmonte League. When the ball was not bouncing our way, the togetherness we had built from playing together for so many years is what pulled us through. That togetherness can be traced back to Coach Kevin and our training days. He taught me a wide range of skills which I was able to build off as I grew physically and mentally. I have yet to find a coach as attentive to details as Coach Kevin."

Cameron Theus, 2 x All Marmonte League selection, Acorn Newspaper All-Star:

"The confidence and determination I developed while playing for Coach Kevin assisted me throughout my high school career. He showed me the importance of teamwork, improved my shooting, and taught me how to play defense strategically. The bond between Coach Kevin and our team is one that will last a lifetime."


Westlake HS Girls Basketball

2021 CIF State Champions

Coach Kevin was hired as Director of Player Development in January 2021. Five months later the Warriors had won 21 games, their first league title since ‘05, and the first CIF State Divisional Championship in the school’s basketball history.

Head Coach Josh Budde, 2021 Ventura County and Marmonte League Coach of the Year:

"Kevin’s immediate impact was amazing, and he has taken this program to the next level. Most trainers set up cones and demonstrate physically impressive moves. Kevin teaches players to consider teammate and defensive positioning, when to act and where, what the best options are and why they lead to victory. If you want your player to get better, look no further than Coach Kevin Kenney. "


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